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Peggy Larson

District Administrator - Peggy Larson

January Update

Learning Today...Leading Tomorrow
It has been a while since I’ve revisited this slogan with you – and you’ll see it frequently on our website and in our materials.  In Winneconne, ‘Learning Today...Leading Tomorrow’ is more than just words.  It is always at the forefront as we make critical decisions for our school district.  We are taking action to ensure that all our students are accomplishing their individual goals in our schools, so they truly can lead tomorrow.
Learning is at the core of our work. I’m so awe-inspired when I visit our classrooms and see the good work of our teachers, staff, and students who are all highly engaged in learning.  Hopefully you saw the press release in an earlier edition of The Winneconne News regarding the State Report Cards. The Winneconne Community School District Significantly Exceeds Expectations!  This is the highest ranking that a District could earn.  Our students’ scores also ranked us the 4th highest achieving K-12 school district in the State of Wisconsin!  As Garth Larson, our Director of Learning, stated there is one main initiative the district focuses on. “Our focus is on student learning. “There is a big difference between focusing on teaching and focusing on learning,” said Garth Larson. “We stay focused on student learning.”  

We know these types of results are not possible without the support of staff and community.  Thank you for your support of the Winneconne Community School District.  

The above positive information is about as good of a segway as any to discuss our tax bill that was delivered to your mailbox.  Here is some general information that might help you understand the school portion of the bill.

The school levy tax credit is a credit that is paid to municipalities, not the school district, in an effort to offset property taxes.  Despite the fact that the funds for the credits do not go to schools, the state considers these dollars part of its commitment to education. School levy tax credits are distributed based on each municipality's share of statewide levies for school purposes. These amounts are based on the value of an individual property as a percentage of the district’s total value.  

WCSD received more state aid than last year.  What does this mean for our community?  It means that our taxpayers got some well-deserved property tax relief.   It does not mean the district saw an increase in our total budget.  In 2017-2018, the percent of dollars contributed to the district budget by taxpayers of WCSD will decrease and the State’s percentage of support to the district will increase.  The total funds the district receives won’t change; it is just a matter of who is paying what percentage.  In other words, the State is paying a larger portion of our school bill than they did last year.  The taxpayers are paying a lesser portion of the school bill than they did previously.   But again, our overall dollars did not change.    
So, overall I hope you find this article very positive - our school district earned the highest rating  when it comes to the State Report Card (significantly exceeds expectations - 4th highest ranking in the State of Wisconsin) and the school portion of your tax bill did not look that shabby.  Pretty cool stuff!

The school board and I are committed to keeping the community informed about the District’s progress. If you ever have questions about our school district, feel free to contact me at (920) 582-5802 ext. 3141. 

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