Photo Name Title Email Phone Web site
Photo for Abler, Julie Abler, Julie District Administrator Secretary Email 920.582.5802 X3132
Photo for Agrell, Diane Agrell, Diane Food Service Director Email 920.582.5810 X1104
Photo for Angell, Patty Angell, Patty Purchasing and Accounts Payable Clerk Email 920.582.5802 X3126
Photo for Herzig, Jeff Herzig, Jeff Network Support/Web Content Technician Email 920.582.5802 X3136 Web site
Photo for Jennerman, Jody Jennerman, Jody Director of Special Education & Pupil Services Email 920.582.5803 X3125 Web site
No Photo Available for Knapp, Monika Knapp, Monika Director of Business Services Email 920.582.5802 X3128 Web site
Photo for Krause, Jennifer Krause, Jennifer District Nurse Email 920.582.5803 X3134 Web site
No Photo Available for Larsen, Eric Larsen, Eric District Assessment Coordinator Email Web site
Photo for Larson, Garth Larson, Garth Director of Learning Email 920.582.5803 X3135 Web site
Photo for Larson, Peggy Larson, Peggy District Administrator Email 920.582.5800 X3141 Web site
Photo for McCoy, Kathy McCoy, Kathy Health Room Aide Email 920.582.5803 X3120
Photo for Schonscheck, Julie Schonscheck, Julie MS Library Aide/Technology Support Email 920.582.5800 X2129 Web site
Photo for Sorrells, George Sorrells, George Technology Facilitator Email 920.582.0911 Web site
Photo for VonHolzen, Julie VonHolzen, Julie Payroll Coordinator Email 920.582.5810 X3130
Photo for Zamzow, Jerry Zamzow, Jerry Director of Facility Management Email 920.582.5817 Web site