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Anecdotal Reading Record I
Anecdotal Reading Record: Level I
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Characteristics of Text
Texts are longer and more complex than levels G and H.
Print size is smaller and there are many more lines of print on the page.
Books have longer sentences and paragraphs.
There are more multi-syllabic words requiring complex word-solving skills.
There is a greater variety of texts, including some informational, with technical language.
Events in the text are more highly elaborated.
Illustrations enhance the story but provide low support for understanding meaning.
Story structure is more complex; episodes are more elaborate; themes are varied and sophisticated.
Specialized, unusual, and challenging vocabulary is evident.
        The reader:                                                                              Notes:

Reading Behaviors to Notice and Support*
Constructs and Expands Meaning
___ Reads to search for meaning
___ Demonstrates understanding of the story and characters
___ Goes beyond the text in discussions and interpretations
___ Sustains problem-solving and development of meaning through a longer text and a two-or-three day period
Monitors and Corrects Own Reading
___ Flexibly uses meaning, language syntax, and visual information to figure out new words and to monitor reading
___ Self-corrects errors that cause loss of meaning
___ Rereads when necessary to self-correct, but not as a habit  
Maintains Fluency and Phrasing
___ In oral reading, rereads some words or phrases to self-correct or improve expression
___ Reads fluently, slowing down to figure out new words and then resumes speed
Problem-Solves Words While Reading Continuous Text
___ Actively figures out new words using a range of strategies
Other Behaviors to Notice
___ Follows print with eyes
___ Begins to silently read some of the text

* Bold indicates new behavior
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