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Anecdotal Reading Record: Level S
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Characteristics of Text
Texts include a wide variety of topics, cultures, and historical settings.
Sentences and paragraphs are complex, requiring rapid and fluent reading with attention to meaning and automatic assimilation of punctuation.
Words present many shades of meaning that readers must interpret from the text and their own background knowledge.
Selections offer opportunities for readers to make connections with other books they have read at earlier levels. 
Settings are quite distant from students’ own experiences.
          The reader:                                        Notes:

Constructs and Expands Meaning
___ Reads rapidly, both orally and silently, with attention to meaning.
___ After reading silently, demonstrates understanding and sophistication in interpreting text
___ Goes beyond the text to interpret characters’ thoughts and feelings and to speculate on alternative meanings
___ Sustains attention to a text read over many days, remembering details and revising interpretations as new events are encountered
Problem-Solves Words While Reading Continuous Text
___ Rapidly acquires new vocabulary through reading
Other Behaviors to Notice
___ Demonstrates interest and ability in interpreting shorter selections
___ Demonstrates flexibility in reading many different kinds of texts
___ Demonstrates all analytic and interpretive skills in writing
___ Extends text meaning through research, writing, or the arts

* Bold indicates new behavior
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