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Anecdotal Reading Record: Level T
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Characteristics of Text
This level has a great variety of genres including autobiographies, historical narratives, realistic fiction, science fiction, and other fantasy stories.
Some chapter books are quite long and require reading over an extended time. (Judgment is needed as to whether students can sustain interest for these longer selections.)
Selections contain many sophisticated, multisyllabic words: readers will need to consider both their literal and connotative meanings.
Knowledge of political and historical events as well as problems of different cultures and racial groups are required.
         The reader:                                         Notes:

Constructs and Expands Meaning
___ Reads rapidly, both orally and silently, with attention to meaning.
___ Sustains attention to a text read over many days, remembering details and revising interpretations as new events are encountered
___ After reading silently, demonstrates understanding and ability to analyze characters and plot
Problem-Solves Words While Reading Continuous Text
___ In oral and silent reading, figures out new words automatically and easily interprets word meaning 
Other Behaviors to Notice
___ Demonstrates interest and ability in interpreting shorter selections
___ Extends and demonstrates understanding of the text through writing in a variety of genres
___ Demonstrates flexibility in reading texts of different styles and genres
___ Reflects knowledge of literary genre in conversation and writing
___ Extends and demonstrates understanding of the text through public speaking, research, or the arts

* Bold indicates new behavior
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