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Anecdotal Reading Record: Level U
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Characteristics of Text
A wide range of sophisticated reading strategies that approach adult levels are required. (The difference is that elementary and middle school students are still gaining the world experience, content knowledge, and accumulation of text experience needed to deeply understand the more complex text that will be read at levels U through Z.)
Texts are increasingly literary, with writers expressing layers of meaning through symbolism.
Themes are more abstract.
Creative formats may be used, such as collections of short stories that build meaning over different texts or novels that incorporate diaries, poetry, or stories within stories.
There are often more characters to follow and their development is more complex.
Texts contain plots and subplots.
Informational texts cover a wide range of topics and present specific, technical information.
Illustrations require interpretation and connection to the text.
The readers’ processing system must be applied at increasingly difficult levels.
         The reader:                                                                   Notes:

Constructs and Expands Meaning
___ Notices graphic illustrations and gets information from them
___ Synthesizes information from graphic information with the body of the text
___ Grasps “layers” of meaning in a story; for example, specific understandings plus the “bigger picture”
___ Reads, understands, and appreciates literary language
___ Interprets illustrations and their connections to the text
___ Keeps up with several different themes and many characters
___ Interprets characters’ motives and the influences on their development
Maintains Fluency and Phrasing
___ Notices and uses a full range of punctuation including more rarely used forms such as dashes
Problem-Solves Words While Reading Continuous Text
___ Learns technical words from reading
Other Behaviors to Notice
___ Recognizes and appreciates a wide range of genres, both fiction and nonfiction
___ Uses reading to learn about self and others

* Bold indicates new behavior
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