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Anecdotal Reading Record: Level V
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Characteristics of Text
Readers employ essentially the same strategies as at level U but more background knowledge is required for true understanding.
Fiction includes science fiction that presents sophisticated ideas and concepts.
In many works of realistic or historical fiction, the writer is conveying a significant message beyond the story.
Readers must think critically and sustain attention, memory, and understanding over much longer texts.
Full appreciation of text requires noticing aspects of the writer’s craft, including metaphor, simile, and symbolism.
Many long texts have a smaller font.
Informational texts present complex ideas and may use more technical language.
Topics are distant from students’ experience in time and place.
Biographies provide a significant amount of historical information. Many texts focus on harsh themes. Other longer biographies are told in narrative style but present complex themes.
Vocabulary is rapidly added.
The reader:                                                                         Notes:

Constructs and Expands Meaning
___ Understands and talks about complex themes, analyzing them and applying them to current life situations
___ Understands many different perspectives that are encountered in fiction and nonfiction texts
___ Evaluates both fiction and nonfiction texts for their authenticity and accuracy
___ Deals with mature topics such as death, war, prejudice, and courage
___ Thinks critically about and discusses the content of a literary work or the quality of writing
___ Notices aspects of the writer’s craft and looks at the text from a writer’s point of view
___ Sustains attention and thinking over the reading of texts that are long and have smaller fonts
___ Tries new genres, topics, and authors, and is able to compare them with known genres, topics, and authors
___ Makes connections across texts to notice an author’s style or technique
___ Understands symbolism in both realistic fiction and fantasy; discusses what symbols mean in terms of today’s society
___ Brings prior knowledge to bear in understanding literary references
Problem-Solves Words While Reading Continuous Text
___ Learns technical words from reading
Other Behaviors to Notice
___ Learns about self and others through reading, especially about societies that are different from one’s own

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