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Middle School

Horticulture Plant Sale

The Winneconne High School Greenhouse is ready to provide you with some flowers for your yard!  The Horticulture class has worked all semester at planting, transplanting and prepping for the sale.  Please consider supporting the WHS Greenhouse before venturing elsewhere.

School days 8-4 Most Days
May 6th until 7 PM
May 18th until 5 PM

920-582-5810 (ext. 1816)

Click here for the Price List

MS Science Fair
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Calling all scientists, parents and community members!  The science fair projects are on display in the Winneconne Middle School  gym and will be available for viewing during the following times while the building is open:

  • Monday after school 
  • Tuesday all day
  • Wednesday until 2:30 pm
Please feel free to come and enjoy all of the wonderful projects and experiments carried out by our creative middle school students!  You won't be disappointed! 
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MS Science Fair
MS 8th Grade Dance

Welcome to Winneconne Middle school, where we are “learning today and leading tomorrow.” I am Todd Schroeder and it is an honor and privilege to serve the kids, staff and community as the principal at Winneconne Middle School. I have been in education for over 25 years. I taught middle school math for 17 years before becoming the high school assistant principal and athletic director for 6 years. I am excited to be a part of WMS family and I look forward to making memories together as we help build our student’s future.

The middle school years are an exciting transitional period between elementary and high school experiences. Middle schools are grounded on the concept of recognizing and addressing the diverse characteristics and needs of our young people. Middle school years provide opportunities to explore many different interests while expanding skills and discovering personal strengths.

It is my belief that we have a special group of teachers and support staff working here at Winneconne Middle School. The math and language arts teachers have spent countless hours to be common-core ready and to make sure your child will be. Science, social studies and all of the encore classes have standards and learning goals that we hold ourselves accountable for. We strive to make sure our students master need skills. During common planning, the teachers continue to look at their curriculum and student learning data in order to hold themselves and all of their students accountable to rigorous standards. They are committed to working together as teams to ask questions that focus on quality learning opportunities and accountability, aiming for results that reflect continuous improvement. The middle school is focused on improving our students writing as our building level student learning goal for 2014/2015. Every student will complete writing prompt; it is scored twice against a rubric by teachers to ensure reliability. This data is then used by our teachers to create student learning objectives. We will recreate this process in the spring determine if we have met our student learning goals. I believe we will!

Our students work hard and are very busy. We have a 7 period day that includes Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Reading for all students. WMS students have PE every other day and a choice of several high interest encore courses. We are a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) school. This means that we encourage all students to have their own technology device. Students have access to a large number of online curriculum pieces that they can use both inside and outside of school.

It is the expectation of the Winneconne Middle School community that students and staff act responsibly and treat each other with fairness, respect, honesty, and kindness. With the ongoing support and involvement of our parents and communities, we embrace the many opportunities to learn, teach, and appreciate the unique gifts that we can offer to one another.

We encourage questions or concerns that arise throughout the school year, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher, our office staff or me personally. I can be contacted at 582-5800 ext 2124 or email at schroedt@w-csd.org

I hope that each student will have an enjoyable, rewarding, and positive experience at Winneconne Middle School.

Todd Schroeder
Winneconne Middle School Principal


Winneconne Middle School
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