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    Todd Schroeder
Counseling Department


Sara Kaiser
Middle School Counselor 
(920) 582-5800   ext. 2126

Building Character and Assets through the

Comprehensive School Counseling Program


Cell phones are great for students to keep in contact with their parents or let them know that they are staying after school, but they also can cause a lot of anxiety, stress, and grief for our youth.  We have conversations with students about cell phones and the texts they receive that can be very offensive and hurtful.  Even though many of these conversations occur off school grounds, they carry over into school.  Please click here for a copy of the parent/student contract. Thank you!

Our counselors provide a confidential helping relationship with a caring adult based on trust, respect, and compassion.  Standards for professional ethics dictate that those who use the counseling service can be confident that the information they share will not be disclosed except under the following circumstances:
  • threats of violence or harm to self or others
  • suspected abuse
  • illegal activity
  • presence of alcohol/drugs or weapons on campus
Under these circumstances, the counselor will follow mandated reporting procedures and school district guidelines in acting in the best interests of the student by involving parents and/or others who can help.  These confidentiality guidelines will be reviewed with all students at least once each school year.
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