How to Contribute to WCSD

How can you contribute to WCSD?

You can help out by making a contribution or getting involved in other activities through the Winneconne Community School District.

How private donations can sustain the District’s long-term success:

As a public school district, WCSD must ride the wave of state funding, for good and for bad. Leading our schools in the unpredictable environment of state-level support makes future planning difficult, at best. Without a change in public funding, the District projects an additional shortfall between $1.3 and $2.8 million in operating dollars for all aspects of District operations–lights, energy, maintenance, technology, and staffing by the 2022–2023 school year.

Winneconne Champions want to change that! Your donations will make it possible. This is a long-term effort – it may take decades – but what better time than now, so that:

Families can rely on a great school district for their children and grandchildren; Students can rely on a quality education taught by quality educators to prepare them for their futures; School leaders can rely on funding to support students and their learning for years to come.

Endowment Fund 
Winneconne Community School District Endowment Fund was established to receive private donations to support WCSD for the long-term. Donations are invested to create a sustainable funding source for ongoing district operations.

Education Fund
Winneconne Area Education Fund (teacher grants) supports innovation and special projects via a grant program, where educators submit applications to receive grants which they can use to help start or expand special projects for students.

Extracurricular Fund
Winneconne Community School District Extracurricular Fund supports all extracurricular youth programs within the school district.

Scholarship Fund
Winneconne Community School Scholarship Fund provides support for graduating seniors from Winneconne High School who plan to attend a technical college or four-year college or university.

Winneconne Community Arts Center Fund supports the Winneconne Community Arts Center (auditorium). 

Emotional Wellness Mental Health Fund
Winneconne Community School District Emotional Wellness/Mental Health Fund supports emotional wellness/mental health programs within the Winneconne Community School District.

Athletic Field Improvement Fund
Winneconne Community School District Athletic Field Improvement Fund is a special project fund to support athletic field improvements in the Winneconne Community School District. 

Piano Fund
Heidi Jerabek Memorial Piano Fund supported the purchase of a Steinway piano for the Winneconne Community Arts Center. Future donations will be used to maintain the Auditorium piano.

These funds, which benefit the Winneconne Community School District, are held at the Winneconne Area Community Foundation (WACF).

Winneconne Champions

In an effort to be financially proactive, the Board of Education, the Winneconne Area Community Foundation (WACF) and local community members have teamed up to form Winneconne Champions. The Winneconne Champions are committed to exploring ways that private funding can enhance school programming, and provide long-term financial stability to WCSD.
We need you to help us sustain the effort. Your financial gifts of any size will help keep the momentum going.


ONLINE: The funds are managed by the Winneconne Area Community Foundation an affiliate of the Oshkosh Area Foundation and found at:

MAIL: Send your donation with the form included in this brochure to
PO BOX 476
Winneconne, WI 54986


To Volunteer at your childs school please contact the school's secretary for assistance.

  • Elementary School - ext. 3122
  • Middle School - ext. 2120
  • High School - ext. 1103

Other Ways to Help

For additional information on how to get involved, please contact us.

Winneconne Community School District
P.O. Box 5000
Winneconne, WI 54986

920-582-5802 ext. 3132