Administrator's Monthly Update

Peggy Larson

A message from Peggy Larson
District Administrator

September 1 is the start of the 2021-22 school year, and we are very excited to welcome our students back into the buildings.  

Unfortunately, this year we are still faced with the challenge of operating our schools during a pandemic.  We understand the severity of COVID-19, but also recognize the importance of our children learning at school.  

As stated in our Learning Plan 2021-22 we have:

Overarching District Goals:

  • Having students back in our buildings AND keeping students in our buildings

  • Focusing and monitoring students’ and staff social emotional and mental health needs

Mitigation of COVID-19 practices for school:

  • Families continue to monitor symptoms of child(ren) and keep home if sick using COVID screener

  • Optional masking on school grounds

    • Required masking on buses 

  • Continue, reinforce and encourage hand hygiene etiquette 

  • Routine cleaning and disinfection of common surfaces

  • Physical distancing when possible

    • Seating charts will be necessary

Masking seems to be the mitigation practice that raises the most questions.  Masking is just one of our strategies.  Last school year we had many more layers of mitigation...cohorts, lunch table separation, one way hallways...etc… This school year we decreased the number of strategies in place, however, the Board of Education and administration will continue to monitor the effects and make changes when necessary.  The District has maintained that we will always use local data to drive decisions.  The local data we have to date is that our “masking optional” strategy has proven effective during summer school and to date our fall sports.  We did not have COVID transmission during summer school and there has been no spread in our fall sports so far this year.  As we enter the school year, we hope this health trend continues.  If not, we will look to our current strategies and make changes. Again, our local data will drive these decisions. 

Together, as WCSD staff, students, families, and this wonderful community we will make our schools a safe and healthy place for students to thrive. We want students to feel safe and cared for, and we want families to feel the same.  As always feel free to reach out anytime (920) 582-5802 or [email protected] .

Be Well!