Plan a Visit

Plan a Visit

Location: 5007 Ginnow Road – Omro, WI 54963
Town of Winneconne
Hours: Open to the Public - Visit during daylight hours only - at your own risk

There is no fee to visit the Norbert Rich School Forest for a hike or wildlife viewing on the trails. However, if you enjoy your visit we welcome donated items. See the list of needs here.


Allowed activities

Hiking, snowshoeing, nature photography, picnicking, bird watching and other wildlife viewing, dog walking on leash only so as not to disturb the wildlife.

Things to do:

Photo By: Dana Hartel
Summer - Listen for the music of the frogs throughout the forest, there are many types of bird, reptile, amphibian and insect life living in the pond and undergrowth of the trees. Stay cool in the shade of the trees but you might want to bring along your bug repellent.

Spring - Orchard trees in full bloom are beautiful to see. Watch carefully for the fawns hiding in the grass but please don’t touch! Their mothers will be back to find them. Frequently there are goslings around the pond but if you scare the geese or they will announce your arrival very loudly.

Fall - Autumn leaves falling and colors are the best in the forest. See how many different colors and kinds of leaves you can find in the forest. Take lots of pictures of the vivid hues. You might see many different ducks stopping at our pond as they migrate south for winter.
Photo By: Dana Hartel

Winter - Strap on your snowshoes and go for a hike. Watch for the animal tracks (and scat) in the snow. There will be plenty of deer and turkey to enjoy. If you  look carefully, you might also find an owl pellet.


Coming Soon!

Eagle Scout or other Group Service Projects

If your group is interested in performing a service project, please consider the following. All arrangements for these projects must be pre-approved. To discuss a service project please contact: Pat Kolbe, School Forest Director 920-582-5810 ext 1813   [email protected]

Eagle Scout Austin Wagner

  • New cabin flooring/windows & other construction
  • Building of several trail boardwalks for wet areas
  • Bird/bat housing built and maintained
  • Trail building & identification markers/mapping system developed
  • More permanent fire pit area constructed near pond
  • More outdoor classroom seating areas - picnic tables/benches, etc.
  • Bird watching blind construction with feeders
  • Wharf classroom constructed at pond area
  • Kids climbing fort/play area
  • Low ropes team building course constructionEagle Scout Zach Murawski

Rules for general visitors

  • Pets must stay on leash. Please clean up after them.
  • All firearms, ammunition, weapons, and campfires prohibited.
  • No diving or swimming in the pond.
  • Motorized vehicles should remain parked on the public road.
  • Please don’t smoke, drink alcohol or use illegal substances during your visit.
  • Take out what you bring in, including trash, pet waste, etc.
  • Respect ALL wildlife and leave ALL natural artifacts in the forest.
  • Hunting trapping and fishing of wildlife is not allowed.

How to rent the facility for private use

For further information please click here and contact us.